Closed Beta Feedback Results In Armored Core V Delay, But That’s A Good Thing

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Don’t you hate it when you actually take part in a beta, provide input on something, then the game releases with all the problems and/or annoyances everyone submitted?  No? Really? Weird, because that really gets to me.  After all, the point to a beta test is to identify problems and fix them.  (Or at least I thought so anyway..)  Well, good news everyone! (Best Futurama reference EVER..)  The good people over at the Armored Core V shop have taken the input from their latest closed beta and decided they have some work to do.

Namco Bandai announced that the long await Armored Core V, will slide into January 2012 (For the Far East release version) in order to tweak the software based on direct feedback from players that were involved in the closed beta, as mentioned above.  Though the plan has always been to release the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions in North America and Europe in January 2012, it looks like this delay on the Far East release will potentially slide those dates out as well.

All-in-all, it’s great to see companies actually listening to the input from betas to make a better product, but let’s hope this doesn’t become a constant problem for Armored Core.

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Christopher Poirier
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