Battlefield 3 Announces Service Stars And The Return Of Ribbons

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The Battlefield series has always had a ton-load (new word..) of unlocks, rewards, service awards, and ranks.  Well, good news is Battlefield 3 has no intention of taking that way from the hardcore FPS operators that seek nothing more than to earn every single achievement in the game.  In fact, according to the good people on the Battlefield 3 Blog, Battlefield 3 will contain upwards of 10 times the weapon unlockables as Battlefield 2 contained.  (Like I said..ton-load..)  Just as in the last few installments of the Battlefield series, these unlocks will waterfall across “Kits” as weapons, attachments, gadgets, etc.

From top left to bottom right: Assault Rifle Ribbon (7 assault rifle kills in a round), Nemesis Ribbon (2 nemesis kills), MVP Ribbon (be the best player in a round), Ace Squad Ribbon (be part of the best squad in a round), Medical Efficiency Ribbon (5 revives in a round), and finally the Air Warfare Ribbon (6 air kills in a round).

On top of all the weapon unlocks and ribbons that get awarded for player actions,  a new concept award called “Service Stars” will also be added to the mix.  According to the Battlefield Blog, these stars will keep track of one’s ability with weapon load outs and specific kits or in their words: “Anytime your kill card is displayed, everyone will see exactly how experienced you are with your current equipment,” read the blog. “The ultimate bragging right would be for a player to be awarded the rank of Colonel with 100 Service Stars attached, and to have 100 stars in all weapons, kits, and vehicles. Getting there will be a massive task – consider that a challenge.”

From left to right: Maintenance Medal (obtain the Maintenance Ribbon 50 times), Marksman Medal (obtain the Marksman Ribbon 50 times), and the U.S. Army Service Medal (spend 100 hours in the U.S. Army.)

I don’t know about anyone else, but that sounds pretty sweet.  It’s nice to know when you just got pwned over just having been noobed to death by some happens..we survive and move on..but the scars remain forever..

Battlefield 3 will drop late October on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, with an open beta expected next month. (YAY!)

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