Analysts: Sony Must Drop Price Of The PlayStation Vita To Avoid Epic Failure..Or Do They?

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Everyone is slashing their prices on incoming products this fall/holiday season.  (Nintendo recently cut nearly $80.00 off from their newest handheld.)  However, some analysts have recently stated that if Sony does not follow suit with the Vita, the future may not be so hunky dory.  For their part, Sony contends that their targeted market is not those who are pinching their pennies right now, but rather the gamers who will be more than willing to spend a huge wad of cash on the next latest, greatest, and shiny Sony gadget.

On the one-hand you have the market heading for cost savings and higher market volume and on the other you have Sony holding their ground (and their price point) for lower volumes, but higher revenue.  Ultimately, this should come as no surprise to anyone as we saw the exact same battle unfold during the PS3 and Xbox 360 pricing wars over the last few years.  Sure, a recent price cut from Nintendo will bring many to the 3DS and every kid on your street will have one, however it seems clear that Sony is going to roll the dice and hope that the allure of the Vita will be more than enough for you to shell out the cash.

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