Bastion Gets A PC Release Date: Brings DRM-Free Flowers And Chocolates

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Our good friends over at Warner Brothers Interactive and Supergiant Games let us know that their indie action RPG Bastion, recently released on XBLA, will be coming to PC August 16.  As many of you probably know, Bastion has been tearing up XBLA and everyone who can write has been providing nothing, but positive reviews.  (E3, Game Informer, G4, and many others have just been drooling on themselves and whispering sweet nothings into the ears of anyone who will listen.)  Though, it is pretty hard to over look the stunning full 1080p support, reactive narration system (near real time), customizable weapons, and massive cross section of powers available at your finger tips.

However, all of this love is not entirely unwarranted (though the drooling may be a little much..I some respect..), in fact there’s a few things coming in the PC version that is well worth the trumpeting of thousands of adoring fans.   Mostly, this is because Bastion will be available in a DRM-free option and even include access to Steamworks for support on cloud saves, achievements, and leaderboards.  The PC version will also offer the hardcore RPG player the option of customizating their play style and providing support for complete remappable PC controls.  (Of if you’re all old school, you can even plug in a gamepad controller and console it up a bit on your PC..if you’re into that kind of thing..)

Bastion is available for pre-order now and drops August 16th for PC at only $14.99.

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