Call of Duty XP Event Update Part Deux: Still Awesome

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Activision keeps sending us love notes in class and more details on Call of Duty XP, so the only responsible thing to do is share them with the ZKG universe.  Billed as, “The first-ever full-immersion Call of Duty fan experience,” Call of Duty XP looked pretty freaking awesome from the first day details emerged on this massive event.  However, every time a new press release comes out a couple hundred public relations people pick their jaws up off the floor long enough to pass along the goodness to the masses.  (Your welcome masses..)

So, let’s recap:  (Take out your notes from last time class..I’m not going to repeat myself..and there is a test..)

Everyone should know about the 32-slot, single elimination Call of Duty $1 Million Tournament (pre-quals are going on now via 2010’s mega-hit Call of Duty: Black ops.)  However, you may not know that four slots are to be filled on site at the Call of Duty XP event its self.  Sharpen your skills and get your ass to the event for a shot.  The top eight teams will be in the money on this with the top squad cashing in on $400,000.  (That’s a lot of pizza, mountain dew, and corn me..)

There is also the very awesome and amazing public reveal of Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer via a keynote event, this is to be followed by plenty of hands-on with the demo.  This will also be the first look at the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 “Hardened Edition” (due out in the wild on November 8th) in public.  Also, per the usual, prizes and bragging rights will flow and plenty of Modern Warfare swag to go around.

Though, it goes without saying, the most awesome thing ever is the chance for XP attendees to take on Modern Warfare’s “Scrapyard” in a life-size replica, massive paintball firefight.   (..I have that stupid map’d find me by the dumpster looking straight down warehouse 2..don’t blink..)  And for those a little less high speed, a version of “The Pit” will also greet any challenger.

Finally, the lucky few in attendance at XP will get a fresh look at the development of Call of Duty Elite.

Ohhhh,’s pretty and shinny and amazing.  Yes, yes it is, but wait..there’s more..much more:

Newly announced is the sneak peek of the latest Modern Warfare-inspired live-action short by We Can Pretend, the Toronto-based creative team behind this year’s fan-favorite flick Find Makarov, and the next installment of Pro vs. G.I. Joe, where celebrities and gamers face-off against U.S. troops deployed abroad via Xbox LIVE.

XP attendees will also be treated to a series of Call of Duty-inspired real-world experiences:

  • A military zip-line dive across the Call of Duty XP compound.  (Don’t look down..never look down..)
  • Suiting up for one-on-one battle in Juggernaut Sumo. (Send pictures..or it didn’t happen…)
  • Refreshments  for sale at Modern Warfare’s 2  Burgertown fast food joint.
  • A comprehensive Call of Duty armory and museum, featuring concept art and unique memorabilia from the entire franchise.  (..and you thought museums were for losers…wait..hmmm..)


Details for Call of Duty XP have been coming out as fast as we can get our hands on them, so keep up with ZKG.

For more information and tickets for Call of Duty XP, be sure to check out

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