Mirror’s Edge Sequel To Use Battlefield 3’s “New Hotness” Graphics Engine FrostBite2: Makes The Boys Holla

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How many people remember Mirror’s Edge?  (Put your hands down, no one can see you.)  Ever since the trailers and actual game released, it was something different and intriguing.  Graphics were tight, super clean, and flowed incredibly well for a game that wasn’t an FPS at heart.  Instead EA and DICE threw us into the world of parkour (read up here if you’re confused..it’s what Wikipedia is for after all.)  Parkour was sexy and Mirror’s Edge took us on a crazy ride (uh..run..I guess..) through an amazing environment and really did some ground breaking things.

So, just when you were thinking it couldn’t get any better, DICE and EA let it out from under their rather stylish hats that Mirror’s Edge 2 is warming up for a go and will be using the FrostBite 2 engine.  Much to our delight this sounds incredibly promising as this is the engine that is currently powering, in all of its manly glory, Battlefield 3.  Granted, this doesn’t sound like it would make any sense and well, maybe it doesn’t, but the fact remains that the FrostBite 2 engine is the new kid on the block and is building up plenty of street cred.

Watch your back other wanna be parkour games!..oh..wait..right..

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