Borderlands Get’s A Mostly Official Sequel, Kinda, Sorta..Almost

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Our friends over at Eurogamer have learned via discussions with the good people of GearBox and 2K that Borderlands will get its part duex (That’s French for “the second” know.. “2”..*sigh* nevermind.) Though the cat is not officially out of the bag as of yet, it is highly expected that 2K will make the long-awaited announcement in the near term.

Do you know what that means? That means another trip back into that whacked out world that 2K and GearBox served up and made Fallout look ever so slightly different, but more than a thousand times more cracked out.  (Let’s be honest…everyone made the Fallout comparison..then gave up on it and simply destroyed everything in their path..)  If you enjoyed Borderlands, and trust me a lot of people did, it looks like more weapons, vehicles, characters, and levels will be coming your way.

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