Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Have Us Heading Back to Karkand, But Not Much Else

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October is starting to feel a lot closer than it did back when we were having our faces blasted by teaser trailers and screens during E3.  Many people have been asking, “what are my pre-order options?”  Well, curious gamers and annoying fans alike, we have some answers for you:



  • Back to Karkand” DLC
  • Eight (8) multiplayer skins via collection called “SPECACT Kit”


  • Back to Karkand” DLC (Seeing a trend??)
  • Free DLC “Physical Warfare” Pack: The Type 88 LMG, DAO-12 shotgun along with accompanying Flechette ammo, and a flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle. (Basically a starter kit for those with a shotgun and/or generalized support class problem they need help with.)

Seems to us that “Back to Karkand” is pretty much the deal for most and all other offers are a bit of a random grab bag of randomness.  (Randomness is also a word..see you learned something today.)  So what’s it gonna be hot-shot? What’s it gonna be?

Battlefield 3 goes hot on October 25th North America, the 27th in Australia, and the 28th in Europe respectively.

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