Capitalism In China Looks An Awful Lot Like Angry Birds (May Involve Gnomes..)

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So, one moment the Chinese are busy blocking every social media website from touching the outside world and then they swing back in the other direction to allow Angry Birds developer, Rovio, to go crazy and paint the Chinese country side in a slight shade of capitalist green.  Have I lost you yet? If not, good.

..The Angry Birds crew hanging out at the Moon Festival…and you probably didn’t believe us..

Rovio has announced it’s going Chinese in their latest attempt to get every person on the planet with a smart phone to play Angry Birds and have established their Far East operations in Shanghai.  But wait, there’s more!  As part of their new digs in Shanghai they are also blowing the doors off from the local markets by going all in with a corporate and marketing shop dedicated to the Chinese market.

Rovio states that they will develop games and other products designed to appeal to their new target audience in China with the first game, the “Moon Festival” episode for Angry Birds currently slated for release into the wild in September.  (Just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Duh..)  However, not wanting to leave the joys of the “Moon Festival” to just those in China, Rovio intends to share this episode with hundreds of millions of Angry Birds fans worldwide, thus celebrating Chinese culture in every corner of the world, via Angry Birds.  (I feel warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.)

So, what’s the lesson here, children?  Well, to put it simply: 1.) Angry Birds downloads have reached more than 300 million globally. 2.) ??????  3.) China is currently the second largest market for Angry Birds and represents a silly amount of potential for continued growth. 3.) Rovio Entertainment is forecasting 100 million Angry Birds downloads in China by the end of 2011. and 4.) PROFIT! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

…hmmm this business plan seems like something I’ve seen before…

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