Battlefield 3 Admits To 720p And 30 FPS On Consoles, But Will Anyone Notice? DICE Doesn’t Think So..

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During a recent GamingExaminer interview, DICE Vice President and General Manager Karl Troedsson addressed the concern from console gamers over the Battlefield 3 720p resolution and 30 FPS announcement.  (This is important given the fact that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has promised their audience nothing below 60 FPS and the potential for 1080p).  Troedsson offered as response to people who put a high value on frame rate and resolution that, “Console gamers shouldn’t worry about this, this topic is discussed out of proportions. For those tech-savvy enough to have looked into the actual resolution of their console games it won’t come as a surprise that a lot of console games today do not run at 1080p but rather 720p.”


..I’m sorry, all I saw was, smoke, missiles flying, bombs exploding, people running, muzzle flashes, and wait what were we talking about?..

Though true that most console titles (on the Xbox 360 anyway) are in fact only 720p and running far less than 60 FPS, it’s hard to say if console gamers are going to notice on Battlefield 3.  Given most of the content that has been all over the internet, released at E3, and released during promo events Battlefield 3 looks pretty sexy and in a league of its own.  (Even in a MW3 world..)  Their upgrades to the Frostbite 2 engine and destructible environments are apparently what DICE wants you to focus on and promises  you’ll be too busy to notice it’s not running a full 60 FPS.

I guess time will certainly tell, as Battlefield 3 is now only a mere three months away.

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