THQ Gives Everyone More To Love In Saints Row: The Third Confirming Future DLC

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So, maybe I just missed the memo when Saints Row came out and maybe I was completely out of my head when Saints Row 2 dropped, but Saints Row is a series I didn’t put a lot of thought into.  That being said, I have repented of my sins and made sure to catch up on the series in time for Saints Row: The Third to drop later this year.  (In case you’ve been living under the same rock I was, you best catch yourself up on some light reading material.)

With all of the pre-order insanity going around and THQ confirming their numbers are on course to crush the Saints Row 2 pre-order numbers, THQ figured they would share more love with the masses, “Saints Row’s digital ecosystem will contain the most comprehensive suite of digital content across our portfolio, including a season pass, micro-transactions, planned DLC offerings for nearly a year post launch, game add-ons, consumables and an in-game store,” said THQ CEO Brian Farrell.

In case there were too many big or hyphenated words (you know..the one’s with the “-“ in the fan-freakin-tastic..) in that statement I’ll break it down for you: “There be one year of DLC coming at your ass.”  You ready?

Saints Row: The Third rolls through your neighborhood just in time for the holidays.

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