A Picture Of The iPhone 5 Finally Surfaces And A September Launch Date Is Revealed, reports

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Finally we have a real picture of the iPhone 5 and another rumored launch date/timeframe. While many have speculated on how different the iPhone 5 will look in comparison to the iPhone 4 and older models, we had yet to see an image of the device. However, if this recent report is accurate, the iPhone 5 has taken its’ first public picture, and we have a few details about it.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5 is

Almost EVO-like” in screen size, this iPhone also appears thinner than the current iPhone 4 but also wider.  The edges are rounded metal like the edges of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but could still function as an antenna.  The back is a curved/tapered glass or plastic.  He couldn’t tell but if he had to guess he’d say glass.  He said it looked too amazing to be built by anyone besides Apple (fanboy!).

Oh yeah, the picture. Check it out below and let us know what you think. Also, multiple reports are coming in that suggest the iPhone 5 will launch in early September. More specifically, China Times placed the launch readiness of the iPhone 5 in the second week of September.

Again, whether or not any of this is true remains to be confirmed by Apple. However, as history shows, when leaks and rumors of this magnitude start to appear, a launch is near. At least we hope so. What are your thoughts? And let us know what you think about what could be the iPhone 5!

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