Groupon Acquires Zappedy For $10.3 Million: Didn’t Have A Daily Deal Coupon

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Everyone knows who and what Groupon does for a living, if you don’t it’s time to crawl out from under that rock and Google it (seriously..), but what the heck is a Zappedy?  Well apparently they started out as a launching pad for small companies to create websites and advertisements via social media and daily type deals.  Sound remotely familiar?  Good, because that’s about all we got and that’s the primary point to this story.  Groupon made the purchase for $10.3 million and filed all the appropriate paperwork via the SEC yesterday.  Groupon confirmed the deal, but is still tight-lipped on the details, however if you still don’t believe it check this out:

Not very sexy, but is pretty self explanatory.  Hold tight kids, Groupon is on the move!

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Christopher Poirier
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