Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Breakdown, Only “Small” Differences Between PC And Console Version

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DICE recently gave the low down on what folks can expect for multiplayer action in their upcoming FPS Battlefield 3.  When it comes to how the game is going to play and feel, DICE promises that players should not really notice any huge difference between the PC and console based versions of the game, however they did offer that there were a few differences.  Specifically,  “The biggest difference between the PC and console version of Battlefield 3 is that we have 64 players on PC and 24 players maximum on console. The rest is more or less the same: we use the same engine, the same technology, the same animation system, the same lighting system. Our aim is to give the player the exact same experience and not try to dumb down the console version,” Patrick Bach of DICE offered.

Sure the console version will only support 24 person multiplayer, however that’s pretty good considering current titles on the market.  Bach further confirmed that there would be fewer jets in the console version of the game stating that vehicles equal bandwidth and therefore DICE decided to cut back on the air support as well.  All-in-all, DICE has attempted to provide the same experience for all players on all platforms and have made adjustments where they felt they could pack in the most with the least coming out.  That being said and seeing their last few titles of Battlefield come to life and provide some of the most intense squad level, vehicle based, sniper riddled massive maps in a while I can’t wait to see what Battlefield 3 calls “small.”

Battlefield 3 is due for release in October.

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