According to Epic Bulletstorm Was Awesome, Only Nobody Seemed To Notice

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Epic President Mike Capps is no stranger to awesome content, after all Epic has brought us the Gears of War series, however, at a recent interview with Kotaku he had to drop a dime on their latest adventure: Bulletstorm.  As Mike explains in the full interview, Epic loved working with the developer People Can Fly on Bulletstorm, simply the sales numbers did not support an epic win for either party.  (Did you see that..I used “epic” in that too..oh nevermind…)  That being said, Epic seems fully supportive of future endeavors with People Can Fly and lets us all know we should be on the lookout.

It’s probably a good thing that Epic saw the potential in Bulletstorm and the work that People Can Fly produced.  Other than feeling like something we’ve seen before, Bulletstorm was unique to say the very least about it.  I’m not sure the last time I was hurdling the wastes of some far off planet, sticking grenades to my enemies in large groups, popping their heads off like it was going out of style, and laughing the whole time as my screen lit up with arcade points.  (My doctor says I really should talk more about this..but I keep getting distracted..)  Needlessly put, I’ll be looking out for their next adventure, just hopefully this time a decent writer may be involved..just saying..

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