Amazon Pushes Brink To The Edge On Killer Discount

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Seeing as we here at ZKG love gaming, we love it even more when it’s on sale.  Keeping you folks in the loop is what I live for (not really but you felt better about our relationship for just a moment didn’t you?)  Amazon has your hook up this week on Brink, Bethesda’s latest FPS adventure.  If you haven’t checked out Brink yet because everyone said it wasn’t all that great, now is the perfect time to get it on the cheap and check out what Bethesda actually did here.

Truth be told, Brink played a little short for my liking as an FPS and relied entirely on the multiplayer aspect, which though interesting, has its flaws.  Without getting into it too much, just know that the connection speeds on Xbox leave something to be desired and without a solid set of friends you can rely on people will work on their KD ratio more than the objectives.  Besides its otherwise forgivable flaws, Bethesda really had something here and I encourage folks to check it out.  If this gives us any idea what RAGE may be capable of, I’m all in.

Pick up Brink in all assorted colors and flavors on Amazon today for $19.99.

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Christopher Poirier
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