Dead Island Undead Shuffle Their Way to PlayStation Home, Packing “Exploding Meat” and Exclusives

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Just when you thought it was safe to start talking about zombies in public again without the recourse of having some undead flesh eater nipping at your ankles, Deep Silver announces even more zombie fun for PlayStation Home users.  That’s right, if getting to maim, destroy, and beat the living heck out of a bunch of crazy, zombified island goers wasn’t enough for you when the game is released in September, PlayStation Home members can log in prior to release for a little practice.   (Of course this means players 17 and up..this is a mature title after all..sorry kids..)  By means of what Sony and Deep Silver are calling a “PlayStation Home Total Game Integration Campaign,” zombies will descend on PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza and turn it into their own personal Banoi: Blood ravaging zombies included.

As part of your PlayStation Home Personal Zombie Experience, Deep Silver is providing players with a co-op mode where you and three of your closest non-zombie friends can take on a rampaging horde of the undead in 10 different mini-games.  (If you and your friends manage to survive all 10 mini-games, everyone will be rewarded an exclusive in-game weapon known only as, “Exploding Meat” (See, I even worked the headline into the story, that’s called skill people..)

And if all of that zombie coated excitement wasn’t enough, but wait there’s more!  For those who may be a little faint of heart and not really a fan in redecorating Central Plaza in zombie pieces, one can have their photo taken with a zombie or even take a zombie survival survey to find out if they have what it takes to not become zombie lunch or even earn free PlayStation Home rewards.   All-in-all this experience should prepare everyone for the inevitable, er..highly unlikely situation that zombies over run the planet.  Until release time in September, be on the lookout for Banoi to come to Central Plaza on PlayStation Home and gear up for some free zombie stuff.

Z-Day is upon us!!

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