Things Are Not Going Well Down On Zynga’s Farm

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Just when you didn’t think anyone really cared about FarmVille and any of the other social/casual games Zynga has produced that occupies nearly 90% of all of your friend’s news feeds on Facebook, a little gem like this falls out of the sky of irony taking out a small villages filled with innocents.  Developer, SocialApps, has entered a legal claim against Zynga alleging that in 2009 Zynga had approached them to develop a farming game, based on their existing Facebook game myFarm.  To make things worse on the Zynga farm, SocialApps is asking for $100,000 ( that’s not so bad..) and a percentage of all Zynga products where it is currently alleged that Zynga stole code for.  (nevermind..that’s gonna hurt..)

Basically, SocialApps claim is based on the understanding that back in 2009 there apparently was a signed Letter of Agreement between themselves and Zynga for assistance on Farmville based on SocialApps’ myFarm source code.  Upon delivery of the source code to Zynga for development purposes, Zynga went all teenage girlfriend on them never returning any of their calls and denying their existence on this planet.  All-in-all this should be interesting to see how this works out as Zynga is currently pretending they are Scrooge McDuck and swimming in their Farmville profits every morning before going to work.

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