Wesley Snipes’ Julius Styles: The International Gets Release Date For iOS (Wait..You Can Make A Video Game From Jail??)

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Well Wesley Snipes isn’t a name you’ve heard too often as of late, him being in jail still and all (remember to pay your taxes people.), however that doesn’t seem to be slowing him down as Julius Styles: The International will become available for iOS owners to purchase in August of this year.  That’s right, Julius Styles will drop from iPhone and iPad users August 11, 2011 though it is expected that the game will be ported XBLA, PSN, WiiWare, and even the Android Market at some point.  Being billed as the “first episode”, it would appear that this corporate espionage tale may come in multiple installments depending on its level of success.

Though it appears that Simon Phoenix may be trading places with the likes of Mark Sheridan (extra points if you figured out those two references WITHOUT using IMDb) for this series, the jury is still out on whether Snipes will be asked to spend a few extra months in jail for this adventure into the video game world.

If you are curious just what Julius Styles: The International is going to look like, we’ve got your hook up and four screens for you to enjoy below:

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