PlayStation Store, PlayStation Blog and Website Officially Launch in Brazil

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Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced the launch of PlayStation Store in Brazil on PS3 as part of the plans to extend digital entertainment throughout Latin America. Brazil will be the second country in Latin America to enjoy digital content from PlayStation Network for PS3 and PSP. PlayStation Network in Brazil already has multiplayer online gaming, chat functionality, social networking links, trophies and friends list. PlayStation Store in Brazil will offer a great variety of digital content to purchase and download, such as games, game demos, and PSone™ Classics, among others.


PlayStation Network users in Brazil will get access to a variety of content in the PlayStation Store without leaving home, and purchases can be made by using credit cards and soon-to-be-announced PlayStation Network pre-paid cards that will be available at a variety of local retail stores. Brazilian users will have the option to view the PlayStation Store in English or fully localized Brazilian Portuguese. Prices for the digital content are displayed in local currency, Brazilian Real.

PlayStation Store in Brazil will launch with around 200 pieces of content for the PS3 system, from Sony Computer Entertainment and various third party publishers, including Ubisoft and Capcom. There will be weekly updates to the PlayStation Store, and more downloadable games for both the PS3 and PSP systems will also be added starting August 2.

In addition to the launch of PlayStation Network in Brazil, SCEA is also announcing the launch of the PlayStation Brazil Blog ( where Brazilian media and consumers will find official news and PlayStation Brazil Website ( where all Brazilians will be able to access product information, the customer service knowledge center and the most recent information from the official source in real time.

As part of our PlayStation Network launch, we are happy to announce our Welcome Back program for our Brazilian users. Brazil users that had an account prior to the PlayStation Network outage will be eligible for the following free games:

Selection of 2 PS3 games from the following list:

  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust™ HD
  • WipEout™ HD + Fury

Selection of 2 PSP games from the following list:

  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation™ Racers
  • Pursuit Force™
  • Killzone™ Liberation

They will also offer a bonus free dynamic theme titled Pixel Wonderland. Everyone that comes to PlayStation Store (whether they have an established or new account) will see and be able to download the free dynamic theme. The Welcome Back “category” on the PlayStation Store will remain active through midnight on Sunday, August 21st, giving users a full 30 days from the official PlayStation Store opening to take advantage of this Welcome Back offering.

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