L.A. Noire Considered Adding More Crime Desks, Couldn’t Fit Them Onto One Disc

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Everyone pretty much already knew that Rockstar’s L.A. Noire is a gigantic game, it took up three discs on Xbox, and just barely was stuffed into a single Blu-ray for PS3.  However, it was recently mentioned in a PSM3 (soon to be re-introduced for public consumption!) article by Team Bondi that there were two entire desks removed from the game prior to going gold.  That’s right, detective Cole would have been exposed to both the Burglary Desk and the Fraud (Bunko) Desk on his journey through the L.A.P.D.   Boasting another eleven cases it probably would have seemed like you were never going to finish the game and then DLC keeps falling from the sky like it was raining cop drama non-stop.

Ultimately, Rockstar and Bondi decided that there was no need for the extra desks that they had in the can and went with the final product that all of us ended up with.  Although they do feel the story might have come together a little better  towards the end if they had included the other desk. I would have to agree as I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt a little let down as the game wrapped up.  (Flamethrower being the exception of course.)  If you feel like L.A. Noire has found its true ending point, even after the recent drops of extra cases via DLC, Rockstar also hinted that more may be on the way.

So, stick with us kids, and we’ll be sure to help you along your fledgling career through the shadows of the L.A.P.D.  Until then, probably best to swing  by the Blue Room and relax for a bit.

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