DC Universe Latest Batman: Arkham City Comic Provides A Venom Infused Future For The Dark Knight

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Arkham City keeps sounding like it might just be a remotely dangerous place for the Bat to hang out as more information is released on the presence of Bane lurks in the shadows.  This novel re-introduction has been made via the on-going DC Digital Comic series that is acting as a bit of a “gap filler” on the story between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.  Batman: Arkham City Digital Comic #5 is now out and available via the DC University Digital store for those who want to catch up on Bane’s new hobbies.

As one may recall, Bane is no stranger to the Arkham environment, as we saw plenty of him and his Venom inspired rage throughout Arkham Asylum.  This digital issue seems to imply our good, masked-friend Bane may show his face once again in an attempt to finally break Batman’s back once and for all.

[source link=”https://comics.comixology.com/#/issue/12440/Batman-Arkham-City-Exclusive-Digital-Chapter-5″]DC Universe[/source]

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