Battlefield 3 Announces “Battlelog”, Makes Killing People You Don’t Know More Social

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I know most FPS fans are chomping at the bit to see what this fall brings to our ever faithful hands, via Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: MW3, however it does seem clear that both games have decided to provide a “social” aspect to things as well. Not sure what could be more social than blasting people from all over the world with a sniper rifle or shotgun, but sure, let’s see what their definition of “social” is just for humor’s sake…

Apparently, much like MW3, Battlefield 3 will be introducing its own social network where players can talk to each other (..make fun of each other), share content (share videos of the pwn-ing you just took), and look at game stats, all from the comfort of your computer and/or smart phone.  Basically, this is a Facebook and/or Google+ for you and your Battlefield friends to connect and share everything that is Battlefield 3.

So, what’s this “social media outlet for Battlefield 3” called: Battlelog (not to be confused with Battleblog…yeah..I know…)  What makes Battlelog actually pretty interesting, more so than annoying, is that it’s going to be entirely free.  That’s right, you heard me correct, the good folks over at the Battlefield camp have taken this directly to MW3’s doorstep, lit the bag on fire, and rang the doorbell while running off giggling.  Unlike, Call of Duty: Elite, Battlelog will be entirely free or $0.00.

Another cool aspect is that it will be accessible via console, PC, Mac, smart phone or what have you, so you’ll always be connected.  Need help suppressing the enemy, hit up your friend and call in support.  Per the usual there will also be all kinds of crazy stats tracked and usage of Battlefield 3 as well for you to sort through and brag about with all your new little friends you’ll be making.

Not saying this is any type of killer application, but it does sound like it will bring all things that today’s gamer on the go is looking for and at the beautiful cost of FREE.

[source link=””]Battlefield 3 Battleblog[/source]

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