Apple So Popular In China That They Are Actually Counterfeiting ENTIRE Stores..Seriously [VIDEO]

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I have been meaning to write about this all week and if you have already read about this then just disregard. The other day I was reading and came across the BirdABroad blog and was absolutely floored about what I read. We all know that for all the innovation and excellent products that come out of China, they are also the kings of the exquisite knock off. In Apple’s latest earnings report they wowed investors and analyst alike with the amazing numbers that they did in China, it was absolutely ridiculous how much money they made their and that revenue should only continue to grow. Those numbers mean that Apple is selling a lot of legitimate Apple products in China but there are also a lot of fakes floating around as well.

fake apple store birdabroad

Fake Apple Store In China-Image courtesy of BirdABroad Blog

It’s not that amazing to see a knock-off Apple iPhone that is damn hard to tell from the real thing, the skill at which the Chinese can reverse engineer electronics is down right frightening. The thing that made this latest story something to really be in awe of is the fact that this time they are actually knocking off entire Apple stores. You heard me, they are building, staffing, and running completely fake Apple stores that damn near like the real thing. According to the blog post, it is very hard to tell that these aren’t official Apple stores besides the fact that Apple publishes all their store locations and they have no official stores where these stores are. What is more impressive is that there are several of them within a few blocks of each other. Taking this even further is the fact that apparently the people working in the stores don’t know that they DON’T actually work for Apple. I don’t know what more to say about this than to tell you to check this stuff out for yourself and let us know what you think. Nobody protects their IP like Apple, but can even Apple stand up to this kind of skill, ingenuity and perseverance? Can Apple afford to just look the way on this stuff because they will move so many actual units through authorized retail chains that they can just chop this up to the cost of doing business in China? Check out the vid below and let us know what you think. Does Apple have a real problem or is this not that big a deal.

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