Swiftkey X Now Available For Free In The Amazon AppStore

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If you’re the type that loves predictive text input applications, you’re going to love Swiftkey X. And fortunately today, you won’t have to pay the normal $3.99. Instead you can grab this keyboard application for free in the Amazon AppStore for Android. Of course you will have to have the Amazon AppStore application downloaded on your Android device, but that’s about it. Check out some of the features:

  • Predicts your next word using TouchType’s Fluency Prediction Engine
  • Personalize your typing experience with Cloud-based personalization
  • Auto corrects sloppy texting so misspellings are a thing of the past
  • Supports 9 languages, multi-touch, and voice-to-text dictation
  • Simultaneously predicts in three languages

For those wanting to download, you can grab it from the AppStore or hit up the link below. Be sure to let us know how much you love it.

Swiftkey X Download – Amazon AppStore

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