Pre-Purchase Dead Island On Steam And Get Free Zombie Bashing Implement Of Destruction

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Just when you thought your day couldn’t become any better than it already is, our good friends over at Deep Silver hit us up and dropped off some Dead Island awesomeness (Awesomness is a word, we’ve been over this..focus.) and I’m here to pass along the good news to you. So, getting right to the point, grab your credit cards and go pre-purchase your copy of Dead Island on Steam for your rocking PC. Why pre-purchase? (pre-order?) Well I’ll tell you:

1. Bonus preorder weapon the Ripper (Combo bat and buzzsaw
2. DLC pack Bloodbath Arena (New wave based game mode that is packed chalk full of XP and cash)
3. Order a four copy bundle with three of your closest zombie slaying friends and save $10.00 a copy. (Total price $149.97)

To recap, that’s $10 off per copy if you buy with your friends, a cool bat/buzzsaw to chop up zombies with, and DLC content that throws wave after wave of brain hungry zombies at you to destroy for XP and money. As I said: Awesomeness IS a word.

Dead Island is currently zombie crawling its way towards its release date while simultaneously attempting to bite the ankles of anyone who happens to walk by – coming out on September 6, 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC! Clean that shotgun and practice your headshots, something tells me this skill is key.

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