Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release Date Confirmed

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Ever wonder why it seems to take months for RPG related titles to make it from the Far East Market to the United States? No? Maybe it’s just me, but alas never fear Final Fantasy fans as I have some good news for you.  Square Enix confirmed, via a tweet from Square Enix PR Manager Emily Shoji, that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be heading for your living rooms and gaming caves late January 2012 only a month later than the Japanese slated release.  (Shocking I know, keep it together, we’ll get through this together.)

For our friends across the pond, that’s you Europe, Square Enix is being a little more tight-lipped on the release, though it is rumored it would not be far behind the Americas release date.  My advice, since I know you’re dying to know, would be to take this time to brush off your XIII copy and prepare for this drop date.  So, get to it!

[source link=”!/SquareEnixEmily/statuses/92978861385584641″] Square Enix [/source]

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