Valve Promises To Make Steam Everything We Ever Wanted It To Be (No Seriously!)

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Admittedly, I am/was/and always will be a PC gamer. Just about every avid PC gamer knows that Valve is really good at distribution of their content. With the advent of Steam, Valve took on the gaming world with a simple and streamlined platform that allowed users to download, upgrade, and transport their games where ever they went. (The ultimate software management platform.) Well, if you didn’t think it could get any better, you apparently under-estimated the capability of Valve to come through on major platform upgrades. That’s right, Valve is now promising to make Steam even better and we have the details:

1. Faster downloads times, at ALL times.
2. Increased server capacity.
3. Streamlined content publishing.

In other words, Valve is stepping it up a notch and turning this service all the way up to “11.” Content will be balanced during release dates to help with the server loads when the entire world is trying to download the latest and greatest. They have also increased their overall server capacity and have also made things a little easier on content providers in terms of getting their wares to hard drives as quickly as possible. So be on the lookout for an update in the near future and prepare to manage your PC games like never before.
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Christopher Poirier
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