AMD Director, Microsoft’s Xbox 720 Will Have Graphic Capabilities Like The Movie Avatar

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According to AMD’s director of ISV relationships, Neal Robison, Microsoft’s next console will have graphic capabilities like the James Cameron movie, Avatar. Though no confirmation on AMD’s involvement with the “Xbox 720” was given, Robison believes that gamers will have a lot to be excited about.

The Examiner goes on to report that,

Robison also mentioned that the A.I. and physics capabilities of the next-gen hardware will allow for every pedestrian in a game such as Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row to have a totally individual mentality, meaning when you shoot a gun or run someone over they don’t all just do the same thing.  There will be no more mob mentality, where everyone just screams and runs away; every NPC will actually be an individual character.

Sounds pretty good to me! Hopefully we’ll get that announcement early next year. If they pull this off, the other consoles will be on notice. So are you ready for the Xbox 720? Let us know!


Via [Examiner]

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