Google Says Android Activations Top 550,000 Daily (Small Droids Spotted Everywhere)

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Just when Apple thought they could take a break from going after the competition and/or sending their fanboys/girls off in search of the mythical device known as the “iphone5”, Google rolls up on the scene and drops their latest activation numbers like some kind of medieval challenge and rides off laughing into the sunset.  Okay, so it didn’t quite go down that way, but just for a moment..didn’t you see the image of a little green droid dude riding a white horse? No?  Maybe it was just me..

Anyway, during Google’s second-quarter earnings report they updated their daily activations average to nearly 550,000 Android smart phones being activated per day and weekly growth numbers in June were that of nearly 4.4%.  (Or 154,000 units per week if you didn’t feel like doing the math yourself.) By contrast, Google was reporting only roughly 400,000 devices each day and only 100 million handsets in circulation worldwide.  Now, it would appear Google is well on their way to the 200 million mark and a shot at significantly growing market share.

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Christopher Poirier
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