White Knight Chronicles II Targets September For U.S. Release

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Set for a September release date in the America’s, White Knight Chronicles II is the national born sequel to White Knight Chronicles: International Edition a  role-playing game, developed by LEVEL-5 that combined a massive story mode with an incredibly strong multi-player element that is sure to return in the Chronicles II.

White Knight Chronicles II offers a new chapter in the epic fantasy RPG where our tale picks up nearly one year after the events of White Knight Chronicles.  Leonard, the pactmaker of the White Knight, and his cohort of companions are the last hope to save the world (this sounds vaguely familiar to something I’ve heard before) from the Yshrenian Empire.  While of White Knight Chronicles mostly focused on the love interest side of things, White Knight Chronicles II goes all out in telling a far more robust story that intimately unravels the truth behind the Incorruptus through 10,000 years of history.  This all comes crashing together in a truly epic finale to the of White Knight Chronicles saga that just may leave you inspired by its conclusion.

The North American version will include a complete copy of the Japanese version of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition with additional on-disc quests that were previously available in Japan only as DLC.  Another sell point is that U.S. players will not be required to complete the first White Knight Chronicles prior to diving into Chronicles II as our Japanese counterparts were.  This will allow for players to decide where they want to begin their journey in the White Knight universe and trust me this is an important decision as Chronicles II is said to boast over 100 hours of game play.

So grab your energy drinks, some cheese flavored corn based puff products and your controllers because you’re going to have to dig in for the long haul on this one.  However, for you Fantasy fans out there, this will be a wise investment of your time and is expected to deliver, so keep your eyes open in September for this one to drop.

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