Twitter Blows The Doors Off The Internet At 350 Billion Tweets Per Day

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Just when you thought that people had to be running out of random things to say on their Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or what have you, Twitter drops a bomb on them all and announces their latest Tweet average is roughly 350 billion a day.  Yeah, I just went all billion up in here and frankly that makes my head hurt a little bit more than normal.  Seriously, life at 140 characters is interesting or at least that’s what the cool kids keep telling me, but who is really out there blasting out that much, “meaningful” content?

So, where does that leave us?  Ultimately it’s difficult to say as Facebook hasn’t provided statistics at this level recently and Google+ is still breaking in their new pair of shiny new kicks. All-in-all, looks like we all may need to go outside for a few hours, read a book, or actually talk to someone face-to-face maybe just for a little while.
[source link=”!/TwitterEng/status/91892509306920960″]Twitter Enginerring Team[/source]

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Christopher Poirier
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