Call of Duty XP Event Update: It’s Awesome And You Should Go (And Take Me With You)

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As everyone is probably well aware, Call of Duty XP is quickly approaching (and if you aren’t  or were living under a rock some where you can catch yourself up: Call Of Duty XP 2011 Event Goes Down Labor Day Weekend, $1 Million Dollar Call Of Duty Tournament  That being said, I think it’s clear that Call of Duty XP is probably going to be one of the most insane promotion events we’ve seen in recent time.  So, you’re probably wondering at this time, “Why Chris, how can someone like me partake in such gaming history and awesomeness?” (Yes, awesomeness is a me.)  Well, we here at ZKG have your hookup courtesy of the good people at Activision:

  • Attendees must be 18 years of age or older (bring some ID, these people mean business.)
  • Call of Duty XP tickets will go on sale July 19, 2011 at 10am Pacific Daylight Time.
  • Tickets will be $150 a pop and are valid for both days of the event.
  • Tickets cover all events and activities.  (You’re on your own for food and travel people, so plan ahead.)
  • Tickets are non-transferable (Like you were going to give them away anyway…crazy..)

So, clear your calendars for the event, get your tickets early, and fine tune your communication skills because not just any gamer is going to get the opportunity to vie for the $1 Million Dollar Prize and succeed.  If you think you have the chops and are ready to spend a few days taking in everything Call of Duty follow the link and put up or shut up: Call of Duty XP.

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