The Two Worlds II Game Of The Year Edition Goes Gold..And Velvet

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Hold on to your renaissance fair hats and puffy shirts Two Worlds II fans because TopWare Interactive has a present with your name on it..and its wrapped in Velvet.  On October 18, 2011 TopWare’s Two Worlds II: Game of the Year Edition will be hitting the shelves of your local mythical, glowing entertainment device wares market (also knows as a video game store to those of you not keeping up..) in the sexy styling of black velvet for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners and red velvet for those who still feel consoles are in fact for losers (PC and Mac).

The package is reported to contain a copy of the game complete with the Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion; a bonus disc packed with all kinds of crazy Two Worlds art, videos, music,  two player-versus-player maps, a pirate head pin collectible (that apparently is more than meets the eye and doubles as powerful in-game item), and a pretty double-sided map for you to hang on your wall next to your pewter figures.

So mark your calendars kids and make sure you save up plenty of gold for this purchase as velvet can’t be cheap!

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Christopher Poirier
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