Assassin’s Creed: Revelations..And You Thought It Was Over..

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So there you are sitting down ripping the plastic off from your newly purchased chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series known as Revelations, but something doesn’t quite feel right.  It’s like you have seen this all before and you know how it’s going to end…Well, if that IS you..I would say lucky you, because apparently you just happen to have an Animus lying around and have been jumping through memories of random people from your past..or are you from the future..anyway..Prepare yourselves people, because this one isn’t going to quite go the way you think it might.  (or..if you ARE from the future, maybe it is..)

In a recent interview Ubisoft’s Lead Game Writer, Darby McDevitt, gives us a bit of an insight on just what will come of some of our past family we’ve come to love within the Brotherhood, “Fans will definitely know most of the important details of Ezio and Altair’s lives, and how they fit into the grand scheme,” McDevitt shares, however then trails off on the future of our good friend Desmond.

If you thought Revelations was going to provide you with one, a revelation that is, then don’t keep your hopes up too high.  Though, do be prepared to piece yet another little bit of the story together and then sit back and wait yet again for Desmond to be shook awake yet again, as the story continues.

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