Mark Turmell Of NBA Jam Fame Jukes EA For Zynga Position and Slams It Home From Halfcourt

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When I think about NBA Jam and the impact it had on me growing up, all I seem to remember is over-sized heads of players that almost no one would remember the name of today.  (That, and remember a time when the Seattle Supersonics were awesome..shut up you know they were don’t lie..)  However, you’d probably be even more confused if I told you that Mark Turmell left Electronic Arts’ Tiburon Studio, where he was heading up shop, to take some unidentified gig over at casual gaming superstar Zynga. 
Well, Mark Turmell has made the jump following another previous EA big shot, John Schappert, who was EA’s former Chief Operating Officer over to the greener pastures of Zynga.  (My guess is John needed a second in order to play half court with the other guys at Zynga and he called in a ringer with the mad skillz.)  That all being said, a lot of solid EA strength is piling up over at Zynga where apparently the money truly is a tad more green then along the marble floored halls of EA.  Add in the casual gaming shake up of EA purchasing PopCap, apparently from under Zynga, and we have ourselves an interesting fall approaching.  BOOMSHAKALAKA!

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Christopher Poirier
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