EA To Borrow $550 For PopCap Purchase..Zombies Pleased

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As most of you probably have heard by now the firmly established giant that is Electronic Arts has positioned themselves to purchase up and coming casual gaming golden child PopCap for a staggering $750 Million.  (Roughly $550 in cash and the rest in options, etc.)  However, it has been recently learned that EA has sought to borrow and/or raise the $550 instead of using existing cash on hand.  This move seems confusing at first blush and has some investors heading for the hills, however to the more keen observer this appears to be a move that suggests more future buy outs are in EA’s future.  This coupled with rumors that casual gaming giant Zynga is rumored to have had offered PopCap nearly $1 Billion, yeah I said “B” as in “BILLION”, countering EA’s offer to ultimately be turned down, leaves many to wonder what is about to happen.

All of that being said, there are limited details at this time, though many interested investors and gamers alike are keeping an eye on things to see just what comes next.  Who knows, maybe next year Plants vs. Zombies will have a little more “edge.”

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Christopher Poirier
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