Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy XIV For PS3 Coming At All Cost

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Okay Final Fantasy believers, supporters, and die-hard addicts this is your moment.  You sat there and watched XIV drop for PC and you probably held your breath for just a little too long waiting for the confirmation that you’d get the same glory on your PS3.  Well, stop holding your breath, take a deep one, and get ready to hold out just a tad longer.  Though no specific dates have been confirmed, Square Enix producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed via an interview posted by the official Final Fantasy XIV community team that the PS3 edition is well underway and would be coming soon.

So yes, you have been waiting nearly a year since the PC edition dropped and Square Enix has been focused on patching and upgrading that edition.  However, this is that little bit of hope out on the horizon and good things come to those who wait.

Stay with us as more details come out and we’ll catch everyone up as soon as a gold date comes out.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV Forums

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