Get Ready To Get Your Game On And Save The Country! (Civic Duty Meets Casual Gaming)

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Many websites have been talking about the fact that everyone’s favorite flash-based casual game has recently been upgraded and returned to the interwebs just in time for this year’s budget crisis. Budget Hero 2.0 is now live! (Budget Hero 2.0)

Back in 2008 the first version of Budget Hero hit the internet as a device to help educate individuals on just how complicated our Nation’s budget is. The good people of American Public Media have truly found a gem in this use of media, and more to the point casual gaming, as a way to educate people on the difficulties of a balanced budget. I mean, didn’t everyone think it was as easy as the talking heads on TV make it sound?..or is that just me?

Either way, Budget Hero 2.0 drops players into the shoes of someone who gets to take a look at all of the major budget areas of government and make some tough, and some not so tough, decisions about where our hard-earned tax dollars should go. You can take money away from national security, the arts, NASA, health care, you name it! Or you can take the high road and increase funding for your favorite pet projects and slash and burn the competitions programs without losing much sleep. This entire system is built upon a “Card System” where cards are selected in order to add or subtract from the national debt.

Once all is said and done, you can click to see what type of fate you have placed the great Republic and you are provided with a summary of your good, or bad, deeds to share with all of your awesome friends. Here’s mine:

So what do you think? Can YOU balance the budget and save the Republic (NOT a Star Wars reference..seriously..I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s not.) from almost certain economic doom? ..and to think..your mother probably told you playing games was a waste of time..but then again, your mother also probably doesn’t know who Sid Meier is either.

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Christopher Poirier
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