Sony Cuts Component Cables Out The PS3’s Future

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Sony reported earlier today that the next generation of PlayStation 3 units that are about to hit the market will no longer support high-definition (HD) via component cables.  Favoring the HDMI and DVI standards in order to come into compliance with  Advanced Access Content System (AACS) requirements for Digital Rights Management (DRM) Sony will introduce the CECH-3000 series PS3 units in the near term.  For existing PS3 systems, Sony has assured users that there will be no firmware updates that disable this functionality of units already in users homes.

Specifically, this will limit users of the new CECH-3000 series units to watching Blu-ray movies and streaming content from viewing in 1080p unless they are using HDMI and/or DVI cables.  Apparently, component cables will still support 720p gaming though this is still unclear at this time.

If there is any silver lining to this change, the new CECH-3000b series will have a smaller energy footprint that its predecessor.

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Christopher Poirier
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