Report, The iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Are Set To Launch In September/October, Suppliers Are Getting Ready

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It’s being reported that Taiwan-based companies in the supply chain responsible for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, have already started preparing materials for the devices, which are set to launch in September or October. The companies that have been listed so far are: Foxconn Electronics (assembly), Simplo Technologies and Dynapack International Technology (batteries), TPK Holding and Wintek (touch panel modules), Catcher (chassis), and Largan Precision (webcams).

As referenced on DigiTimes, “The sources pointed out that Apple only plans to launch one model of the new iPhone, while iPad 3 has just recently been added to the production schedule with both set to be produced in small volumes in August and the volume will start picking up in September and October.”

So now that the suppliers are getting ready, how about you? Excited yet? Though we have to caution that these are and will always be rumors until Apple announces them, it looks like they could be accurate. So what are your thoughts on this?


Via [Digitimes]

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