More Possible iPad 3 Details Emerge, Thinner & Lighter With An Improved Display?

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We’ve heard several things about the next iPad. Most notably that the iPad 3 could come packed with 4G LTE, near field communication (NFC), and a better display to name a few. Today one of those got a little more confirmation and another was introduced. According to a few sources, Apple is “considering designing an even thinner and lighter tablet PC with its panel resolution increasing to 250dpi.”

While everyone expected the next iPad to come with a better display, making the device thinner was not a top priority. With that said, if Apple pulls this off, it only speaks to why Apple will more than likely maintain tablet dominance for the next couple of years – they go above and beyond, and make existing features better.

So who want an iPad 3? Any particular feature you’re hoping for? Hit up the comments and let us know?


Via [Digitimes]

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