Uncharted 3 Beta Off To A Rocky Start And Fans Undecided

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It’s been a few days now since the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta went live and already Naughty Dogs forums have seen a mass of fans expressing both protests and approval.

The beta got off to a pretty rocky start, where Naughty Dog had to deal with various issues that arose as millions tried to have their first look at the upcoming game. In response to this Naughty Dog kept fans informed at all times on their progress and quickly released a patch for the game fixing many issues players had been experiencing. It is very important to remember when playing a beta that it is nowhere near the finished product and the reason for a beta is to find and iron out all these bugs.

Paul Curtin from moviestinger.com got to spend some hands-on time with the multiplayer build during the E3 2011 event earlier this month, there he voiced similar concerns to those that are mentioned on the official forums. Gamers who loved the simple, yet perfected multiplayer side of the Uncharted 2 game appear to be up in arms about how complex the multiplayer side of Uncharted 3 has become.

Naughty Dog has decided to revamp almost everything in the Uncharted 3 multiplayer, which hasn’t gone over too well with some fans. The first noticeable change is the overall pacing, which appears much slower than the Uncharted 2 game. Gamers tend to move slower and more sluggish in the Uncharted 3 game in order to emphasize the new sprint feature.

In the previous Uncharted 2 Multiplayer, players didn’t have the ability to sprint in-game, which enabled them to constantly run at a faster pace. Another change is that the maps are slightly larger than the previous title, which seems to create pauses in the non-stop action created in smaller maps. One of the biggest changes of the Uncharted 3 multiplayer is the way that the weapons have been tweaked, and how players can pick weapons and modify them before they enter matches.

The main reason for upset Uncharted 2 fans seems to be the addition of Power Plays and Kickbacks. Kickbacks enable gamers to use a custom power-up once they reach a certain number of kills, similar to the killstreak system in Call of Duty games. Meanwhile, with the Power Play system in effect a multiplayer match can become increasingly uneven.

Teams that are losing by a considerable amount are given the opportunity to kill marked players on the opposite team for some additional points. They are also given the ability to see exactly where their enemies are. Another new feature introduced in the Uncharted 3 game is treasures, which randomly pop up after an enemy has been killed. These treasures can then be picked up by the player that made the kill. It seems that multiple treasure sets can be collected for in-game and multiplayer bonuses also.

While many still argue over what system is best I must remind you that this is a beta and as such an unfinished product. Naughty Dog is doing their best to keep things running smoothly and they have a reputation for listening to fans. If you have any problems or questions about the beta or Uncharted 3 please visit their forums. This is naughty Dog we are talking about and I’m positive that come November they will have outdone themselves and released a superior game to Uncharted 2.

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Oliver Somervell

Oliver Somervell

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