Frima Studio Announces The “Awesome Summer Minis Bundle” Sale

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Frima Studio, Canada’s leading independent game developer, has today announced the “Awesome Summer Minis Bundle” sale, which is a little collection of five of the best selling Frima Studio titles, but now available for a total price of $4.99 from the PlayStation Store on the PSN. The games lead you through a variety of worlds including the darkest corners of the galaxy and tales populated by mythical Norse Gods so everyone should find something that they will enjoy.

Young Thor is one of the games included in the sale

The AWESOME Summer Minis Bundle features:

  • A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks!
  • Young Thor
  • Widgets Odyssey
  • Widgets Odyssey 2
  • Zombie Tycoon

So catch one of these games at these prices and you might just find yourself enjoying a game you may not have previously checked out.

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Alex Elliott

Alex Elliott

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