10 Reasons For A Next-Gen Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Earlier this month Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima was asked by fans on Twitter to pass on a few requests to Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada and FFVII character designer Tetsuya while having dinner. One of these requests was to remake Final Fantasy VII and, according to adriasang.com, Kojima replied on Twitter “I passed it along”. If The Square Enix VIP’s truly got the message then perhaps there is still hope that Final Fantasy VII will grace the PlayStation 3.

Here are 10 reasons why a Final Fantasy VII remake would be the most epic RPG since, well the original Final Fantasy VII.

Could we finally see FFVII on PlayStation 3?

Next Gen Graphics

If you remember at E3 back in 2005 a tech demo was teased remaking the famous opening cut-scene to Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 3. The release of the film Advent Children then gave fans an epilogue to FF7 along with 100 minutes of mouth-watering CGI. We have all seen and know what Square Enix can do with FF7 and the power of the PS3, they continue to improve, at least in a visual way, with each new Final Fantasy game. That said if they did remake FF7 I wouldn’t be expecting the quality from the movie except in cut-scenes perhaps.

Story /Characters

Final Fantasy VII was easily one of the most engaging stories I have experienced in a RPG ever, with FFVIII at a close 2nd. Beginning with Cloud joining AVALANCHE in Midgar all the way to the Northern Crater and the planet’s core, FFVII is host to some of the most interesting characters I remember in a game and the story will keep you hooked to every word as you discover the many secrets and twists along the way. A remake of this game could give the creators chance to retell an amazing story and possibly even expand on the game.


Sephiroth is easily my favorite character from FF7, the cold villain who wants to become a god. In fact Sephiroth may be one of the best video game villains of all time. The chance to play a next-gen FF7 and experience it all again would be epic. Fighting Sephiroth was almost always difficult and training to beat him was always enjoyable. Sephiroth is also a playable character in the recent Dissidia games for PSP.

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