Dark Souls Shield Design Contest Announced, Get Your Name In The Game’s Credits

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Namco Bandai has just announced the Dark Souls shield design contest, open to everyone from June 27th to July 28th 2011. You have the chance to create up to three original shield designs using any of the three blank templates provided. Next, submit your heraldic works of art, then sit back and watch the votes stack up as fans in every corner of the globe admire your handiwork and choose their favorites. The final winners will be hand-picked by the Dark Souls development team at FromSoftware in Japan.

Dark Souls Shield Design Contest

The three winning designs, one for each shield template, will be made available as Dark Souls post-launch content, meaning three lucky winners will be able to stride into battle with their friends online proudly bearing the shield they designed, while every player will be able to carry the shields designed by their compatriots into battle.

How to enter:

● Become a fan on the official Dark Souls Facebook page at www.facebook.com/darksouls

● Download the blank shield templates

● Create up to three original masterpieces of heraldic design

● Submit your finished designs via Facebook on or before July 13th 2011

Fans will be able to vote for their favorites on Facebook throughout the competition, with voting open until July 20th to allow last minute entries time to gather votes. The top ten designs for each of the three shield templates as voted for by you will then go to FromSoftware for the final decision, with the winning designs being announced via Facebook on 28th July 2011. Each of the ten winners will receive a copy of Dark Souls signed by game director Hidetaka Miyazaki. The final 3 winners will see their designs brought to life for all time in the Dark Souls universe, and will receive a signed copy of the limited edition game plus their names in the game credits, ensuring immortality no matter how many times they die while playing.

Sign up today for this unique opportunity to carve your name indelibly in Dark Souls lore and earn the envy and respect of legions of fans around the world. To read the full rules and enter the competition, go to www.facebook.com/darksouls. Remember the contest doesn’t start until the 27th.

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