Prototype 2 Facebook App Launched, Enter The Blacknet

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For fans of Radical Entertainment’s 2009 title Prototype, 2012 might seem a long time away. That’s the current rough release date for the sequel to the open world action game, but fear not as in between stalking ex-girlfriends and arable farming, Facebook will now allow you to start getting hyped for the game with some alternate reality shenanigans.

BlacknetLaunch 550x309Blacknet is the name of the app, modeled after Prototype 2’s in-game interface. Apparently it will allow fans to work together to solve various puzzles by way of ‘hacking’ into the fictional interface in order to uncover a series of videos, interviews and other behind the scenes goodness, all in the run up to the game’s launch.

You can find and download the app at, with new content being added on a weekly basis.

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