Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Detailed, Is It Enough For You To Pay $79.99?

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Thanks to Amazon we know have all the info we wanted to now about the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition. According to the product page for the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition will cost $79.99.

mass-effect-3-collectors-edition-1Based on the info on Amazon the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition will include:

  • Premium metal case featuring commemorative artwork of Commander Shepard (female or male)
  • 70-page hardbound art book featuring hundreds of unique and gorgeous illustrations from the BioWare development team plus an exclusive 4×6 lithographic print featuring a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork
  • Limited edition Mass Effect comic by Dark Horse Comics, complete with unique cover artwork
  • Join the ranks of the N7 with the premium fabric N7 patch
  • A full collection of in-game content that can’t be found anywhere else!
  • Exclusive Squad Appearance Pack
  • Robotic Dog
  • N7 SMG, N7 Shotgun, N7 Sniper Rifle, N7 Pistol
  • Exclusive Extended Soundtrack

So what do you guys think about this collector’s edition, does it do it for you?

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