Apple’s iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Won’t Be Seen By Samsung, At Least Not Before They Are Announced

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In what can only be seen as good news for Apple, U.S. Circuit Court Judge Lucy Koh has ruled that Apple will not have to show their next tablet and smartphone, which we’ll all may come to know as the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3, to Samsung. If you can remember, Samsung was ordered to do such a thing earlier in the year. According to FOSS Patents, “It was all too obvious that Samsung was comparing apples to bananas: Apple’s request for expedited discovery was far more justified (in terms of a need to evaluate the requested material) and far less prejudicial (as Apple only requested products of which samples were already circulating, in the case of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 including 5,000 samples handed out at a Google developer conference) than Samsung’s related motion.”

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Hopefully, these two Tech giants can find a workaround all this. There is a lot of innovation this time and money could be tied up in. That said, as always, you can’t let anyone take what’s rightfully yours (impartially speaking). So if these are the steps – go ahead and walk. How do you feel about this?