Verizon Wireless Will Not Force Current Customers Into Tiered Data Plans? New Customers Changes Begin July 7th

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This latest document about Verizon Wireless impending tiered data plans should provide a bit of relief to their current customers. According to this leaked document, “existing customers can keep their current pricing when renewing or upgrading.” Talk about getting your water cooled back down after yesterday’s boil. This apparently goes for all contracts locked in before the rumored July 7th “usage based” plans changes.

As far as new customers are concerned, tiered data plans will begin for you on July 7th as all sources indicate.

So are you a little less ticked off with Verizon Wireless now? This definitely makes sense from a consumer standpoint, and I hope that Verizon does the right thing for their current customers who do not want to change to tiered data plans. What are you thoughts? Screenshot below!

Via [Droid-Life]

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